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Braies - Italy by Gaia Mataloni | (Website)


Braies - Italy by Gaia Mataloni | (Website)



Tell me white privilege isn’t real.

First report: “killed amid reports he was waving a rifle at customers”.

So White Privilege equals a woman in Texas (a very gun friendly state) carrying her rifle openly, but safely vs. a man waving a toy gun around in a public place (according to the article provided) which can easily make it difficult to identify as real or fake, in Ohio (a place which is open carry, but where police are regularly called when someone openly carries a gun). 

Uh huh, yes, I can definitely see where this was all about race and had nothing to do with the place or the actions of the people involved, yup.



"It’s not racism." Yeah, okay, name the last time an unarmed white kid got shot by the police while walking home.

He’s not a teen but he was white, unarmed, and shot by cops

Black cops shoot unarmed white man

Here’s a college kid

And another

You asked for one, here’s four.


"i’m free."

rest in peace, robin williams.

Anonymous said: You're so well informed! Except you're not, cause dr Seuss was someone who was a known pro choice person and donated frequently planned parenthood type clinics. And that quote that pro lifers abuse, it's talking about people of different races. Dumb fuck.


I am perfectly aware of Theodore Geisel’s hypocrisy, as it is impossible to be ‘pro-choice’ and not live in a world swirling with hypocrisy.

The recurring maxim expressed by “Horton” the elephant in Dr. Seuss’s classic story Horton Hears a Who, goes like this: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” So certain is this truth to Horton, that he takes it as being self-evident. His actions throughout the story are admirably consistent with this assertion and the moral implications that accompany it.

While enjoying a bath in a river, Horton’s large ears pick up on a tiny voice emanating from a speck of dust as it flutters by. While Horton never sees the person producing the voice - since that person is too tiny to be seen by an elephant – he, nevertheless, realizes that there must be a person there since he can clearly hear the voice coming from the speck of dust. In fact, there is apparently an entire city – if not a planet – consisting of many “Who’s” living on that speck of dust.

Trouble enters the story when Horton’s animal friends reject the foolish notion that there could be any kind of life, much less a person, living on a speck of dust. They accordingly ridicule Horton for believing in such nonsense. Eventually, in an effort to relieve Horton of his delusions, it is decided that the dust speck should be boiled in oil. Knowing that this would mean a sudden and violent destruction of Who civilization, Horton does everything in his power to save the dust speck from such a terrible fate; because, “after all, a person’s a person, no matter how small.”

In the end, the Who’s concerted effort at noise-making generates enough decibels to register in the ears of Horton’s skeptical friends. Once they realize they had been wrong in their criticism, their mood changes dramatically and, once again, in accordance with the truth that “a person’s a person, no matter how small,” they cease their attempt to destroy the dust speck (which they now realize would be immoral) and everyone lives happily ever after – that is until pro-life advocates wanted to express the same truth to a skeptical world.

The irony is that the creator of Horton, the Who’s and Whoville itself, the late Theodore Geisel, apparently preferred to identify with the skeptics rather than those advancing the same truth his hero expresses when it comes to the controversy surrounding the morality of abortion.

Learn more from Roger Resler.

  • Tumblr Users: Every girl is like soo pretty
  • Tumblr Users: Unless she's skinny.
  • Tumblr Users: Unless she's white.
  • Tumblr Users: Unless she wants to look like a barbie doll.
  • Tumblr Users: Unless she's a republican.
  • Tumblr Users: Unless she's an anti-feminist.


Remember this all you easily fooled young women out there.  No one in the Republican Party, or any other party to my knowledge, is trying to restrict access to birth control.  It simply is not true.  However this doesn’t matter for complete liars, like Elizabeth Warren, who make absurd claims that Republicans (the women included mind you) are trying to do so.

There is no Republican “war on women.”  It is a completely bogus political catchphrase to coax women to vote Democrat.

Here’s the rest of Ted Cruz’s amazing speech about the Democrats assault on free speech: